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Choosing Course Delivery

The courses I have taught thus far have been designed with technology in mind. After experiencing the sudden shift of face to face courses being held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many new and innovative tools have been included in my own courses. You will see not much difference among the course delivery options as I truly include technology throughout my course to include flexibility and accommodations for student needs. I have found that there are many ways to create a cohesive and interactive class environment through using online, hybrid, and face to face course delivery options.

During my specific Children’s Literature course, a big component of our class was accessing a wide range of texts and printed books. Using tools from the local public library where digital books can be accessed through apps and HTML databases, our students were able to analyze and evaluated a variety of children’s texts. Designing courses with the specific intention of meeting students’ needs must move beyond just providing notes or recordings. Rather sometimes location and format are also possible ways to include and provide access for students.

​Considerations included components of online tools and how to integrate for hybrid delivery. 

​Challenge in (re)thinking about course design was really around thinking about my students and what they need. 

Choosing a Course Format: Welcome
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Choosing a Course Format: Image
Details of Course Delivery Formats
Choosing a Course Format: Project
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