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Highlighting problem and project-based learning into a school-wide framework.

This infographic is based on the critical work done by the educators at The Project School (TPS) in Bloomington, Indiana and describes the process to implement a school-wide framework for curriculum. This innovative charter school was started in 2008 and built on the philosophy of problem and project-based learning should be student-focused, relevant, and aim towards social justice for equity. As a result, each year the school invites students, teachers, families, and community members to determine the Compelling & Generative Topic (CGT) for the year. This "theme" is centered across all grade level curriculums and content areas to enhance deeper meaning, understanding, and connections to the larger world around us. The end of the year culminates with a Museum of Authentic Work (MAW) where classrooms are transformed into curated museum exhibits, displaying the projects and explorations of the CGT throughout the year. 

This infographic condenses some of the steps TPS takes to create their CGT and execute a problem and project-based school-wide framework. The potential audience would be school leaders or practitioners who wish to incorporate CGT or school-wide frameworks for curriculum development. This infographic was created using tools found on Various skills were implemented including the flow of information to tell a story, synthesizing details for key ideas, and the selection of images, shapes, and color schemes to support visual aesthetics. 

Bloomington Project School - Compelling Generative Topic_edited.jpg
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