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Presentation on Multimodal Literacy

  • ​This presentation highlights some of my recent work on multimodal literacies and how social media platforms like TikTok can elevate literacy development within students. 

  • ​Within this presentation I provide modeled examples of social media and multimodalities particularly within the layered tools, remixing, and collaboration which is key to digital literacies. For my audience, I offer opportunities for viewers to experience these specific notions of TikTok to highlight how it can be used for literacy instruction. Slide 9 invites viewers to create their own BookTok introduction video, modeled by the provided example. ​

  • The aesthetics of the presentation design are intended to draw the viewer in with relevant images, icons, and color schemes. The minimal text allows for the audience to concentrate on the presentation while also capturing the key elements of each slide. 

  • Challenges in creating this artifact include editing the slide to be as simple and straightforward as possible. As I crafted this presentation I really kept my audience in mind. I definitely learned that less is more in a presentation. 

Presentation on Multimodal Literacy: Projects
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