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Using Social Media

I engage in several social media platforms as a way to reach other scholars that share my research interests. I often use Twitter to engage with other groups, topics, or issues taking place within the literacy field. 

Considering much of my research is situated within social media, I see the value of these digital spaces as forms of community and affinity spaces. I see these spaces as holding significant influence for future research and community building in the future. 

My Social Media Platforms include: 

Twitter: @saraheconroy

Instagram: @sarahejerasa

TikTok: @sarahejerasa

This artifact illustrates my use of social media (twitter) to share my own research and connect with other scholars in the field. 

I used specific hashtags to connect with others who are also engaged with #bookTok and #literacies. 

I did not have any issues or concerns creating this artifact. 

Using Social Media: Project
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